Writing Me

Photographic Poetry – Erika K Rothwell

Meraki (Greek) – “Essence of Self”.

Work infused with one’s soul, creativity, and love

Passion projects, creative work infused with the essence of or ourselves brings matter into being while returning its energy back into the process as an invitation to give more. The artist, writer, reaches only as far as willing to share, determining the diameter of connection.

As I send my message breathed from internal knowing, it resonates with those in my immediate circle loud and clear. We share kindred moments, our philosophies and hearts fused in an unspoken understanding.

Moving farther outward, it expands into a greater crowd, melodious but undefined, finally to be barely audible to those in different dimensions, received only as vague rhetoric.

Through space and time, my being harmonizes with words written centuries ago. Messages burrow through initial exposure, are planted in fertile ground, and eventually sprout merged with my essence.

I feel connected to something unexplainable, an energy that has the force of a universe yet the touch of a feather. Lightly tickled, yet burning within, I strive to share in a meaningful way. Often, the words splatter on paper in abstract fashion. Other times, arranged in poetic prose.

Whims of Words

I prefer to follow Whims
rather than rules
Allow the Heart to
The Words
as they Matter
Calling to be

-Erika K Rothwell

Life’s messages are hidden within uniquely crafted stanzas, metaphors, and paradox. Clues lead to discovery of a deeper meaning. The central theme, the heart of my matter.

As tears transcend difficult moments, words bridge the expanse between me and you. Other times, writing with these drops of honest vulnerability, they are added to the sea of humanity.

In summary, I write with “meraki”. For understanding, compassion, and grace. To inspire, transform, and transcend. I write to plant, grow, and gather. To uncover, discover, and treasure. To encourage, incite, and excite. But mostly, I write to hope, love, and live.

From Me to You,

©Erika K Rothwell

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  1. Linda Creme says:

    Beautiful writing 💗

    1. Thank you so much! 🥰

  2. Hillary says:

    I’m always amazed how words can display a painting…

  3. Stafford says:

    Now these words resonate. There is a sense they come from a place of deep conviction, seasoned by diverse life experiences; some challenging, but most I suspect are filled with gratitude. Thank you for encapsulating in such a comforting way, your unique dissemination of encouragement. This was a word in due season for any who are fortunate to be in your sphere of influence.

    1. I so appreciate your comment. I am overjoyed to hear the words resonate. Yes, I must admit, I fall back on gratitude amidst waves of challenge. In writing, as a form of self-encouragement, I am grateful when others find some comfort within the words. And, thank you for your encouraging words.☀️

  4. Olga says:

    Wow! I am truly touched by your profound ‘message’. I was breathing a feeling of ‘unspoken understanding’ and sensing the wonder of how the ‘essence of self’ is expressed in the subtleties of creative moments. “I feel connected to something unexplainable, an energy that has the force of a universe yet the touch of a feather.” I feel this too when I empty myself to accept the gift of poetic vibrations. The words come from somewhere outside of me, yet within me, falling onto my page, as if they had been waiting for the right time. I am in awe of the magical connection. Such a lovely flower, Erika. Full of the positive energy.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, Olga, and sharing your experience. I continue to be wonderstruck from the dynamic energy present in the creative process. It is truly moving and extraordinary!

  5. Ginger Garner says:

    As the words and meaning of those words as I see it, yet feel them from your Soul enter into my Soul, I find a calmness take hold and even a deeper meaning of peace within. Thanks for your words of wisdom. Your courage to share freely and the compassion that reaches those of us who need and those of us who aren’t quite sure the direction is best for us. You are a breath of freshness given to us freely !!!!!

    1. I so appreciate your comment, Ginger. My hope is always that my words reach where they are meant to, and am grateful that you feel them the way you do. Your supportive words always breathe more life into my desire to share “freely”. 💗

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