The story that follows is what incited the beginning of my blogging adventure.

Life happens in every room of a home.  But my writing adventure began as reflections continued to develop when I was in the kitchen.  It became clear to me why it is referred to as the heart of the home as my heart is often stirred by life’s ingredients.  

My inspiration continued, as one evening my husband brought me flowers in the kitchen just as I was wiping away tears ignited by an onion I was peeling.

The symbolism stared me in the face; my writing also peels back layers.   As I carry out mundane tasks and face everyday moments, complex themes make their way into my life and I write stories sharing a deep reaction to situations that normally go unnoticed.  

Some days lead to light-hearted reflections, while other days generate profound revelations.

Patterns continue in my life as life meets lessons. My overall purpose in sharing these words infused with heartfelt experience is to create stories just as meals are prepared to be enjoyed.

Not everyone has the same taste, and surely you may enjoy one dish over another.  My wish is that you find a thought or two to savor in these home-grown stories that have been cooked up in the kitchen.

Receiving flowers unexpectedly from my husband remind me of the “why” behind my work.  Life is full of surprises, and that little display of irony in my kitchen induced the introduction into my blog…happiness can always be found, even “when the onions make you cry.”

I believe, no matter how bad a day you may have, you can always find warmth in the heart of the home.  Hopefully, you find the same in my words.  

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For all my guests, dinner is ready.  Enjoy my blog by ordering off the menu!

-Erika K Rothwell

P.S. This new year, 2019, brings a new venture.  Please make sure to read my daily postings as I chronicle my journey of hope.

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