Treasure in You

Natural Change: Seemingly insignificant, repetitive molding of tiny matter

To recognize beauty, we must first search for it. If we neglect the whisper of yearning to share the hidden treasure in our soul, our purpose wanes.

Like tiny jewels of sea glass, our lives are molded by moments that refine and smooth our rough edges, polishing us so that light can be reflected, our true colors discovered and shared. Some rare pieces of glass take centuries and generations to be found. Lifetimes have been squandered. Hidden. Miraculous gifts have remained wrapped in protective, pretentious adornment, ungiven.

We, too, can remain in hiding. Locked up in our self-defeating beliefs, afraid to be seen or found. Or, we can ride the tides of circumstance, allowing the abrasive touch of lessons to beautify our hearts and minds. We are not defined by our indiscretions or failings. We are not trapped in our current difficult environments. Rather, the invitation exists to be refined by such.

Calm waters rarely produce sea glass. In likeness, precipitated by the choppiness of life’s angry seas and headwinds of tumultuous storms, we are left wavering in shallow rhythmic waves of uncertainty, and in perfect position for our rough edges to be softened by tiny grains of experience.

Choosing the wrong path is inherently human. We often find ourselves following the whims of our self-indulgent appetites, making poor decisions and filling ourselves with unhealthy attempts for nutrition. And our emotional needs follow this pattern.

Searching for treasure when our inner gauges are screaming empty lands us in dark places, clamoring for instant gratification. We are unable to discern beauty and easily duped by fake representations which promise a reward to endless cycles.

Yet, we can always readjust. We can find the road we were meant to follow. Hope tells us so.

We are created in light, our color chosen for us. Although life’s journey may, at times, appear beyond our control and include hostile environments, making survival and positive decisions difficult, we have choices.

We can let the pain and injustice of outside elements destroy us, forcing cavernous barriers built to protect our hearts from being discovered, forcing repetitive wrongdoing. Or we can surrender in faith, opening the eyes of our hearts and follow the path that leads to treasure beyond earthly imagination. A quest for the beauty of righteousness never disappoints.

LIkewise, whether you create a gift of art, service or material, it can always be refined and enhanced by nature’s lustrous touch.

“Things perfected by nature are better than finished by art.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Splendor will be revealed in time.

In each moment of every new day, the choice is ours to create beauty or detract from it. To search for the light or to hide in darkness. To live for ourselves or to give of ourselves.

However, whatever you choose, believe you are treasured.

©Erika K Rothwell

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