Sea of Hope

Sea of Hope

As the waves crashed against the shore, the sea reminded me to focus on recovery as I listened to a melodious tune of “just be”.  I breathed in the rhythm of the tide as I was lulled into a slumberous state, embracing the unusual space between me and an incessant drive to accomplish a myriad of things within the time constraint of one indeterminate life span.

A week of revival in an exotic location and absence from the work of writing restored my soul.  Focusing on the movement of my thoughts, rather than the thoughts themselves, reignited my desire to bring life to a blank page.

I learned we cannot always dictate the unexpected twists and turns along the path of life but we can learn to appreciate the tempo of life’s waves.  As the rhythm of the tides nourishes life below the surface in its repetitive cycle of cleansing, hope energizes us with a promise of restoration, urging us to never give up no matter how hopeless the situation seems.  

My tale of love restored in the pain of loss follows.

A gift was once given to a young girl who dreamed of a knight to fight her battles. He came to save her from a plight brought upon her by a self-righteous love-sucking empire. With his worldly weapons, he disintegrated the threat against her. She loved him with all her heart. And then…

The day came when she no longer remembered what he had done for her. She complained incessantly and took each day with him for granted. When he left that morning to explore the underworld of the sea, she never imagined that he would not return.

In the search for him, futility took over as powerful waves of wrenching pain squeezed her heart. Her tears turned to torrents as she cried out for him. Her life would never be the same without his love. And she knew in that moment that her gift could be mercilessly taken away.

As the search team reminded her to retain hope, she panicked thinking only the worst. Every man remotely resembling her knight from a distance materialized into someone else as she came closer, launching her further into a sea of devastation.

She beseeched God, feeling responsible for his disappearance as she had neglected her love for him.

Eventually, she was led to the place on the shore where he had last been seen before he entered the water. She looked upon the site wanting to believe the mirage that appeared before her with the little hope she had left.

Magically, in that instant, her gift was returned as he turned to her with a smile and outstretched arms and said, “There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Dedicated to My Knight – I will always love you.

-Erika K Rothwell

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Writing to Kindness

Writing to Kindness

Writing makes me a better person.  How do I know this?  The holiday season is filled with activities that take me away from my writing.  And in the magnetic pull of seasonal revelries and necessities, kindness appears to dissipate.

What normally draws me in and captures my attention and the resulting analysis is missing as I find myself showing true colors of stress and time starvation.  Ricocheting reactions, unthoughtful responses as I often neglect the feelings of my receiver emulate the result of forsaking my writing as it waits patiently without demanding my attention.

The love I have for writing is wrapped around the fruits of its labor.  The time I take to review and untangle deeply entwined messages offers me the opportunity for revival, and a renewed aspiration to be a better human.

It is easy to critique another’s words.  It can be more difficult to allow those words to move you in the direction you need to go.  The definition of inspire is, “to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”  So I find myself inspired by the words of dear friends and family as they share their days in words.

I was once told a story about considering the receiver when you speak as misinterpretation can easily change the intentioned meaning and be taken derogatorily.  It can also be humorous when you are caught in this precarious situation.  Albeit, possible projection, the receiver may manipulate the message from a set of biased lenses.  How much of that is our responsibility?  Words that escape from our lips cannot be reeled back in.   And words that are written are a permanent record of our thoughts and cannot be erased by any amount of time.

The message today brings me back to intention.  What is my intention for sharing these particular words?  Am I trying to heal from an unintentional attack from another’s chosen words?  Am I considering how my ill-timed or careless words affect others? Or am I simply inspired by others to “breathe in” (as the second definition of inspire) and take steps toward kindness, forgiveness, and renewal? 

Maybe it will never be clear.  What is transparent, though, writing helps me be a better me.  My hope is that you also find your solace in an activity this holiday season that renews your spirit.

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