Finding Your Way Through

Doubt lingers, in the non-relenting questions. No one is asking but we feel we need to answer to them. Are we strong enough? Are we authentic enough? Are we happy enough? Are we deep enough? Are we caring enough? The list is endless. And, we flounder in the midst of the chaos of our lives….

Writing Me

Meraki (Greek) – “Essence of Self”

Work infused with one’s soul, creativity, and love …more

Blooming Lesson

I had to cut the branch today. The buds were falling to the ground. I knew I had ruined months of growth and daily nourishment, though I hoped for recovery. During my morning routine of checking my prized orchid which I had coaxed into re-blooming, not an easy feat as many of you know, I…

Seasons Of You

Plant Your Seeds As summer breezes turn toward morning freezes, autumn coolness mediates as a somber reflection of the year that has been lived before it. We now have a moment to ask ourselves, what seeds did we plant early in the year that have grown into fruit ready for harvest or a field of…

Discover the Glorious Pieces of YOU!

“Fill in your puzzle with pieces that fit.” Life is a puzzle.  Only part of the picture is displayed at any given time.  The only hint is an idealistic depiction of a perfect life as developed from our unique mind’s eye.  With much patience and deliberate action, we can only hope to eventually gain a…