Seasons Of You

Plant Your Seeds

As summer breezes turn toward morning freezes, autumn coolness mediates as a somber reflection of the year that has been lived before it. We now have a moment to ask ourselves, what seeds did we plant early in the year that have grown into fruit ready for harvest or a field of flowers?

So many of us begin the year with grandiose plans to rehaul all of the perceived brokenness in our lives and achieve new heights, whether personal, physical, or secular. Yet, as the year progresses through the budding ideas of Spring, into the flurry of activities of Summer, we find ourselves in the arms of somber Fall, where we land in contemplation with a touch of musing.

It is at this time, we look up at the morning moon, and ask a question of ourselves. How did we deal with the darkness in our days? When setbacks clouded our vision, where did we find the strength to move forward? Did we look inside ourselves, ask for help from others, or lean on a divine source of power beyond what is normal?

These important questions joined me in my morning walk. I also imagined asking all of those dear to me, what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishments this year? As they answered with their hearts where I could see them, I said to them, “Rather than number your achievements, reflect on who you have become.” The seasons of your life have brought you here.

To this place we call you.

As you stand, in that fully blossomed garden or field ready for harvest, where the seeds have been planted, remember you have grown through it all.

With y’all in Fall,

© Erika K Rothwell

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