Tattered Fantasy

snow on purple pansy photograph erika k rothwell
Tattered Fantasy – Inspired by Frozen Pansies

Random prose seething out 

Wrapped safely in arms of stone

No barrier to fight

Duress of time as it atones

Floodgates of seems will burst

My heart will flow

Through tears of helplessness

Pitying what I do not know

Anguished messages

Gnawing at my soul

Seek solace

White lies form from coal

Watching birds guide escape 

through rain

No sun shines on caverns

Tunnels dug to feign 

Shelter from the numbness

Masking pain

Hidden in a darkened fortress

Awakened to endure the force

Of raging stubbornness

In the face of storms

Hung out to dry

Shattered along the course

Plans woven by hopeful threads

Flail tattered on the line

Of fantasy’s dread

©Erika K Rothwell