Peas of Thought

My mother always told me “Don’t throw your peas on the wall.” Other than the obvious literal sense, I was never quite sure what that meant, until now.

In the kitchen, I can only imagine how many times we have all tried to share, explaining things in family conversations, only to be unheard, misunderstood, or clearly ignored.  And now, I envision holding a bowl of peas and hurling them one by one at the wall, watching them roll down to the ground, and if not eaten by one of the dogs squashed beneath an unsuspecting foot.

Each little pea, a delectable morsel of thought clearly born only to be squashed!

And now, the peas have been carefully positioned in a photographic piece of art used as a temporary backdrop for my blog which contains hundreds of pea size thoughts. I may be throwing them against a wall, but with each tiny pea hurled onto the page, I feel a sense of fulfillment that can’t be described or manifested in any other manner.

Further, the pods they grew in are still alive bursting with myriads of insights, revelations, creating the next generation of peas.

Although I appreciate my mom’s admonition, writing from the kitchen appears to go against her words.  Therefore,  I will give my children the advice, “go ahead and throw your peas, because you never know when one will stick.”

– Erika K Rothwell


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