My Hope on Sunday

I dream of a world where judgment is replaced with understanding and compassion.  A world where opinions are stated with warmth and withheld when generated from self-promoting agendas.

Each individual contribution in this world is available from the life-giving spirit given equally to all of us.  The belief systems that grow within each unique heart is as personal as its owner’s reflection in the mirror.  One individual does not have the answer for another.  Grace has the only answer we all need.

When one voice emphatically reprimands another with the weapon of self-righteousness,  a pretension of a special relationship with the all-knowing and a misguided belief that truth is shared only with them, they partake in a foolish fantasy.

My fellow writers, this week, I read your commenters’ distasteful judgment with sadness.  Fending off wolves of merciless evangelism is no feat for the sensitive of nature.  And although I wish them grace as well, I swallow my own righteous indignation at their misplaced words.

Keep writing!

©Erika K Rothwell

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