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Sailing By – Erika K Rothwell

The glistening blue expanse of ocean, dotted with sails full of whim, grew larger before my eyes. In amazement, my field of vision had expanded.

I had looked out of this window for years, from one repetitive angle. The cycle had become so ingrained, I had forgotten to consider the wide angle. Trees had grown in my view. Branches blocked the full vision of a shimmering seascape, until this day.

Someone had cut the branches. It had taken me weeks to notice.

A new perspective, as I changed my lens of observation, exposed an exponential universe. The rippling effects of possibility, in majesty, called for my teachable heart.

Each day, choice exists to continue in self-created realities, looking at challenges from a surface sense of omniscience, closing ourselves off from greater meaning and connection to a divine vista of awe. We can also, without intention, shrink our world to see only a sliver of goodness, while allowing obstacles to crowd our perception and meaning.

Forest from the Trees

Further down the path of recognition, I hiked through a forest, noticing the fallen trees along the way. Feeling sadness, yet reverence for the power harnessed in nature’s storms, I conceded to this strength in metaphor. Trees of great magnitude can grow in our lives from the fortitude of firmly rooted foundations. But, ironically, also from shallow systems created as survival mechanisms. Negative habits and attitudes, repetitive hurtful behaviors, addictions, pride, and stubbornness, branch out from an, already, unstable core. The bigger picture, and ultimately a more joyful life, can become obstructed.

What trees have grown in your life? Are they beneficial? Or rather, are some blocking your landscape of purpose? Have the branches become too heavy? Can they withstand the forceful winds of inopportune challenge? Will they stand in the face of reflection, and discernment?

Sometimes branches need to be trimmed to help strengthen the tree. Other times, storms may brew unexpectedly with such intensity, branches may break. Trees may be forced to fall, roots ripped from the ground of instability. However, winds of circumstance make room for healthier trees to sprout and open the canopy for sunlight to nourish them.

We may be unsure of our next step when unplanned coercion takes place in our lives, forcing us to face debilitating pressure head-on, calling for our most resounding stature and simultaneous change. However, in our sacrifice of self-imposed importance, we invite enlightenment. When we recognize our weaknesses, acknowledge our need for change, and believe in power beyond our own, we impact dimensions of immensity for ourselves and others.

Sparkles of joy now decorate my majestic seaside view, expanded by change and space for positive growth. Observed because branches were removed and a tree fell in my life.

© Erika K Rothwell

If you prefer to listen.
Majestic perspective
Sunlit view through tree canopy – Erika K Rothwell

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  1. Ginger Garner says:

    Beautiful Words From A Beautiful Lady. Continue On My Child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so very much Ginger! I needed that encouragement! ☀️💗

  2. Ginger Garner says:

    Just look in the mirror and see the reflection of your Dear Mother staring back !!!
    There you shall find your biggest Encouragement.
    Trust It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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