Let Yourself Bloom

Decide who you are, do the work, and then just be.  Stop discouraging yourself.  Yes, the world is flooded with information.  We have too much and too many of everything.  

Yet, another flower blooms in the garden outside my window.  A morning glory.

Reminding me that the world needs you.  It needs your blossoming self.  You add to the colors of the landscape of life.  We all have so much to offer, yet many of us prefer to hide our lamps under a blanket of insecurity believing what we have is not worthy to be seen or has been seen already.

This is the humility of the creative introvert, but it will get you nowhere.  How do I know?  Because I was you.  I spent many years creating but not sharing.  My light did not shine because I would not allow it to.

I hid it where only I could see it.  And that was not selfless.  

You see, I was too concerned with self.  What would others think?  Who am I to think anyone would be interested in anything I had to offer?

My ego could not take the beating.  The imagined beating, that is.  I created the struggle in my own mind.  When I was able to release my ego, and know that I am I for a reason outside of myself, I was able to not only create but share…share openly…share authentically.

The path I now follow allows me to appreciate each new bloom I find along the way.  Only from emerging from the blanket I comfortably wrapped myself in, could I see the magnificence of others through the eyes of freedom. 

I entreat you, let your creativity bloom.  Show your glory.  Let yourself free. 

© Erika K Rothwell

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  1. Manessah B. says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate this post and the encouragement that flows within it, Erika. I struggle so much with this problem – creating constantly behind four walls, but too afraid to share what I create. This blog was a challenge for me to start because I always questioned what would people think of my poems or thoughts, or what can I share with the world that hasn’t already been shared? And I’m a musician as well, so the struggle is even harder with that. But reading this encourages me to step out on faith and believe in myself. I always fear rejection and being misunderstood, but I’ll never know who I can touch with my creations if I don’t let them free in the world to be seen. Sorry for this long comment, I’m just so touched by this post! Thank you for these words! So happy to see your posts, my friend! Be well! ♥️✨🌸

    1. Your words as well are always an encouragement, Manessah, even in the framework of a comment. You DO have so much to offer the world. I see you and feel you in your creative work and that’s what makes it so beautiful! Thank you for reading and commenting. It is so special to hear from you and know that my words encouraged you to keep blooming!! 🌸🌸💗Erika

      1. Manessah B. says:

        You are so very kind, Erika. Thank you so much for being such a light on here! Your kindness is so appreciated, my friend. You’re very welcome! ♥️🌸

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