Ladybug Luck

Ladybug Luck 

Ladybugs…who could imagine at least 50 ladybugs in one place?  Aren’t they a symbol of good luck?  Wow. I must be in for some!

I sit by an aged window with the seal broken and water drops sparkling between the panes, light streaming in as I look out to sun-kissed snow reflecting the blue sky.  My mind wanders and I notice the muted sound of a tractor in the distance pushing snow and the lilting melody of a 40’s female jazz musician singing in the background, as I sip a Vermont made Chardonnay.

The memory of the stabbing rejection of yesterday is fading…as she sings “you will find that life is worthwhile”, and all I can feel is a warm surround, knowing that love will keep me going.  The loss and deepening holes resulting from unsuspected arrows will not destroy the spirit.  No human is granted the authority to judge or carry out the judgment of the greatest judge – the one that is LOVE.

A very well known and loved character, Piglet, once said, “it is not meant to be spelled, it is meant to be felt.”  And so, I feel anyone who pushes away the heart in an attempt to explain LOVE and save their soul, will feel pain in their steps.  For the calling of their heart follows them like a loyal puppy, calling for notice.

And then I notice the promise of young love seated two tables from me.  I don’t hear what is being said, but I hear the tone of promise…promise to be each other’s everything.  That beautiful red sky in the morning, that cries,  “sailors take warning”.  Yes, the sea of lovers that reminds us all what love can be, someone there for us unconditionally.

Yet there exists a darkness that believes its job is to judge and suck the life out of love.  The ongoing legalities first practiced by the Pharisees make their way into the modern day, exposing the expectations of their own making, calling it God’s will.  The most amazing revelation is thus exposed; our individual beliefs pave the road we follow.  The journey can take us closer to love or push us into an abyss where love continues to be the rope that saves us.

It’s all too simple of a message explained in depth by a weathered soul who still grasps for the hope of love.  This afternoon as the sun warms my soul, I drink to being lucky in love…

-Erika K Rothwell

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  1. hillarykate13 says:

    What a beautiful perspective. Eye opening really.

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