Hope – Waking Up to Possibilities – Day 12

Another day, another way to embrace hope.  The spirit of motivation drives my year-long writing journey to appreciate one small word with a grateful heart.

The writing possibilities seem endless.  A year may not be long enough.

I began the journey with an acronym, “H-Help O-one P-Person E-Everyday.”  And although my focus on this venture began with a desire to look outside of myself and become a helper, my natural tendency is still to fold inward.  So I look to nature for inspiration.

As a flower reacts to an early frost by closing its petals, my protective reaction is swift.  Blooming too early can cause unstable conditions and potential damage to a flower’s petals.  However, with roots intact, early spring trustfully continues coloring the cold ground with vibrant displays of hope.  

In life, raw and unfiltered trust is uncommon in a world that appears to be filled with pretension and self-protective cloaking.  Yet hope can drive a desire to face the frigid environment.  As the sun shines on our well-intentioned efforts we are reminded of the warmth existing in the hearts of humankind and the path from vulnerability to love and support.  

My meditation for the day is a reminder for me and hope for others to risk blooming.  Don’t let fear of sharing your true colors or harsh conditions prevent your hopeful steps forward into unfamiliar territory.  You were born to HOPE.

Waking Up to Possibilities – Read by Erika K Rothwell

-Erika K Rothwell