Hope – In Authenticity

I wrote something dishonest today.  Not the typical lie you would imagine.  But it came to me, my heart was not connected to what I wrote.  I typed the words, I read the words, but in the end, I did not believe the words.

So, here I am speaking my truth with a question.  Why do we work against ourselves and sometimes stop speaking (or writing) our truth?  

We know how to reach for authenticity but at times life’s unexpected forces drag us down the path of necessity.  Once we learn to surrender that genuine connection, we slowly lose the energy necessary to support our dreams and our creativity.

What if we woke every morning infused with energy to create our dreams?  What if we had trouble closing our eyes at night because we could hardly wait to wake and get back to living.  Living, not existing.  That is authenticity.  Recognize when you are moving away from it.

Because hope does not promise instant gratification, rather than struggle with the words to express positivity, I will wait.  The energy I work against is confusion or simply congestion in my head.  Sharing a joyous heart today may not be the answer.

Perhaps it is the outside environment that weighs me down.  Or possibly the work I did this morning on my memoir.  Recognizing the pain in the process sometimes requires a pause.  And another cup of tea.

-Erika K Rothwell

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  1. wiseassvegan says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am thinking: isn’t this post itself your current authentic truth? isn’t life itself a mixture of pain and happiness, success and failure, uplifting moments and self doubting anxiety? hoping you find your equilibrium!

    1. Yes this was my attempt at authenticity for the day in contrast to what I was initially working on. This post was born from my realization that seeking rather than just “being” was getting in the way of heartfelt expression. And I love how you expressed the necessary balance of life! Thank you for stopping by. Have a beautiful day. ☀️ Erika

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