Hope is Contagious – Day 3

Oliver Shane

And so hope takes over to show me, love.  I cannot and will not give up.  I believe in my loving nature and my loving intentions.  When I do, I believe in others.

“Fear is contagious, and so is hope.”  So many things, I fear.  Fear that I am not good enough, fear that I cannot accomplish anything.  Fear that I am not loved.  Fear that I do not love enough.  Fear that love will not be enough.

I was neither wronged or helped by certain events in my past.  They were simply moments of time that existed forming a memory placeholder.  From this vantage point, there is no source for retaliation, rather simple acceptance for what has happened.

It is now that I peacefully breathe in hope.  Hope for my growth to look outside of myself to help the earth, an animal, or another human.  Said as I reflect on my attachment to a little Pomeranian dog we adopted who was so mistreated for the first eight months of his life and knew nothing of trust.  

Oliver Shane, “Ollie”, entered our lives 2 years ago and he looks up at me reminding me there is always hope.  Hope that someone will come along and love you for who you already are.  Hope that things can change for the better.  Hope that there is a greater good that overcomes the pain of yesterday.  

And most of all, hope is contagious.