Hope Despite Adversity – Day 4

It is at this point I realize all adversity has a plan.  A plan to make us stronger, as it calls us to believe in a future.  We have now, but we also have hope.

My complaints are real.  They exist as an obstacle to hope.  They stand in the way of determination and my ability to overcome.

His name is Jake Olson.  He entered my world today via the television.  Blind at the age of 12, he was determined to continue hoping and following his dream.  Overcoming adversity may have come naturally to the 6-foot-3, 225 pound California native.

His quote follows, “It’s your choice to either let that disability or adversity stop you or to overcome it.”.

He overcame it with his hopeful nature as his first live game action in 2017 brought success, perfectly nailing a snap as an extra point late in the game.   

Did I help someone today?  Not directly, but this story helped me realize how my complaints and obstacles may exist, yet there is a young blind man out there that showed me how you obliterate real obstacles with hope.

– Erika K Rothwell