Hope – 2019 – Daily Posts

Recently, a question was presented to me, “how do you stop agonizing over the past? My answer was a window into my motivation for sharing my writing publicly through the creation of my blog, as I responded “Embrace the moment, celebrate what you know now from what the past served to you.  Accept your wounds as a badge of honor.  Help others heal.”

Renewal has turned to hope. This first day of the new year with its call for resolutions reminds me of the accomplishments of the past year.  Allowing myself to open up to others through my writing brought renewal.

Thus begins my personal journey of hope.  I once heard an acronym for hope as “help one person every day.” There is no quicker way to move from a state of sadness, irritation, or any negative emotion than to reach out and look for an opportunity to help.  The world needs helpers and I need hope.

We all have something to give, and even if not always easy, my goal this year is to find a moment every day to do so.

Please follow my 2019 hope journey each day as I share a brief post and chronicle of my life.

-Erika K Rothwell