Hold Hope in Your Notebook

Life is not consistent and neither is my frame of mind.  With outside circumstances barreling at me as an opposing brigade fires unsuspected shots of reality my way, I find myself playing the game of avoidance.  Avoiding the inevitable stream of negative emotions appears to be more than just a battle tactic.  It is my shield of security.  And I hide behind it.

Writing, the love of my life, unfortunately is something I also avoid when my raw emotions flail unchecked and negativity splatters onto the page.

My fear and crumbs of hopefulness intertwine into messy prose.

I am a creative.  My emotions seethe beneath the surface in an overreacting human practice.  Many times I find myself struggling to speak, feel, or even think.  However, a powerful message from within continues to surge with pressure from my core.

How many times have we heard, “perspective is everything”?  Monumental and pivotal moments in our lives often define the lens we look through.  Our unique experiences have built windows in our souls.  Since our personalized view is created from within, only we can choose to see beauty or ugliness.  

This struggle is real.  I now share with you something I hate to admit even to myself.  Optimism does not always come easy for me.  Thus, positive reminders are used as fuel to publish my writing again.  

Hope can be lost amidst the stormy seas of uncertainty, but it can be regained once we look for the sun on the horizon.  Search for it, capturing the moment it peeks out, even if the light appears diffused by the gloom.  Believe in the clearing of the fog and make way for the manifestation of hope.  

Fill your notebook with hope’s positive energy, so when the clouds of doom settle in your soul you can call on those words to once again regain your balance and energize your new beginning.

Back in hope,

© Erika K Rothwell

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  1. Brandi S. says:

    This was so encouraging, Erika. I have been struggling with the exact same emotions you expressed in your post. I think the world around us is really putting a damper in our spirits. Sometimes, even the most positive soul can have moments when we question the worth of being positive and hopeful. But there’s a fire that keeps burning to believe. I am glad you posted and are fighting to keep your hope alive. The world very much needs it right now. Hope you are well and thank you for this beautiful post! 🌸☺️❣️

    1. Brandi, Sad as it is to say, I had tears in my eyes when I read your comment. I am so fearful these days. Afraid to post something offensive or too vulnerable. Finding myself caught in the middle of helplessness and hopefulness is more difficult than I ever imagined. You are so right, hope is worth fighting for at every cost. It’s not just for me, everyone needs to know that help, hope, and a real life is right around the corner and worth the fight. I so appreciate the support. A kindred spirit is music to the soul. 🎶

      1. Brandi S. says:

        Oh, I understand, Erika. This world is such a scary place to be in right now. And it’s only natural to feel the impact of all the negativity that’s in it. I say feel what is in your heart. Have that human moment, because that’s what you will need to help others. People need to be reminded that it is okay to be human, to feel, to think… I think the world needs that so much. I’ve been challenging myself to just write what I feel, because it’s coming from a raw place. People will have their opinions whether I am happy or sad. At least, in the end, I wrote for ME. 🙂 Maybe this could help you as you search for that balance. Sending you many hugs and lots of love! 😊❤️ 🌸

      2. Thank you again. As always, you words are impactful and your encouragement of the writer within me so needed and welcomed.💕😍

      3. Brandi S. says:

        You are very welcome, Erika! Anytime! 🤗❣️

  2. Hillary Kate says:

    Beautifully articulated and a divine expression of world events, family ties, and overall life. Thanks for writing as always.

    1. You are so sweet and thank you for your kind appraisal. 💗☀️

  3. Olga says:

    The clouds of doom have surrounded me many times in my life. I remember mowing the lawn years ago, in robot mode, yet keeping the mantra within me, “This too shall pass.” Keep writing and sharing your story of hope and not giving in to doubt. Our voices count.

    1. Thank you Olga, I continue to write. Thank you for the kind reminder that our voices count, as I have given in to the pattern of publishing less frequently. And yes, hope is still the story. ☀️

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