Grace to All – Happy Fall!

Autumn has arrived in my kitchen. Can you see the shadows and the reflections?

The birth phase of care-free Spring and the youthful energy of young-adult Summer have led me to the nostalgic and “time doesn’t stand still”, Autumn.

The death of winter has not yet come. Dreams are alive, just fading into colorful prismatic displays on the trees in the hills, mesmerizing me into a fantastical trance where I once again accomplish nothing, or so I think.

Negativity surrounds me, yet hope lightens my load as I write from the kitchen.

Evening’s sun rays light up my decor.  Chosen colors of blue, white, and orange encourage me to share inspiration from a simple photo taken as I attempted to fend off sadness.

Who writes from their kitchen?  I do.  Somehow, the spirit of life  brightens the space where my heart lives.  My memoir speaks from the kitchen.  The memoir that I have not yet written, and may never write.

There are pieces of me, in segments of 300 words or less, scattered, fragmented, and disjointed in my documents folder.  All of which could be completed and shared with the world.

I keep writing, searching for that perfect view.  I don’t stop.  I keep living and writing more.  It doesn’t feel right.  So I just keep writing.  However, I just may have captured my thoughts, raw and unfiltered, once again.  The perfect piece to describe how I feel, today.

Happy Fall and Grace to all!

Love y’all


©Erika K Rothwell

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  1. Richard Rothwell says:

    Autumn is my favorite season!

    1. It is beautiful!

  2. Linda Creme says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love this time of year!

    1. Thank you for reading! The support lifts my spirits. And yes Fall is wonderful, reminding me of the love of family and friends!

  3. ellie894 says:

    I do all of my writing in the kitchen too! Happy Fall Erika 😊❤️

    1. Thank you for reading! Your smiling words make me happy. That’s where writingfromthekitchen got its start. I knew there were many of us..:) 💕☀️ Erika

      1. ellie894 says:

        It’s a joy to read you Erika! Take care, suzanne 💕🦋

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