Go Here – A Meditative Journey

Where to go when there seems nowhere to go

Some days arrive with a sense of aimlessness and repetition. Although appearing a gloomy resolution, it is in these moments that we often wallow and waver.

Yes, these activities or rather lack of activities can seem rather self-serving and irresponsible. However, the burden of responsibility can bury us in a mountain of expectations where tunneling out seems unlikely or even impossible. We can even feel trapped. Rather than forcing forward movement and risking over exertion and emotional exhaustion with potential catastrophic consequences, what if we took the time to go deeper.

Do not fear self-exploration

If we explore within the caverns of our inner worlds, enlightenment can be discovered. Most choose not to go there as it may appear dark, unwelcoming and potentially hostile. But closer to the core of our beings, we begin to hear things if we slow down, remove the distractions, and listen.

Join me in a meditative journey. Let us first travel through the depths of feeling. Although we may initially land in murky waters, rather than avoid these spaces, let’s wallow in them for a moment. Examine the places that need attention. Apply the salve of grace.

I see that understanding of the darkness gives my search for the light context and meaning.”

Brene Brown

Listen to Your Heart

As comfort sets in, listen for what is calling you…even if only heard as a faint trickle. Take time to imagine that it leads to a free-flowing fountain of your desires in crystal clear waters falling from overhead as the sun’s rays warm you through the canopy of tall trees. Luxuriate in washing the muddy water away and shine again as the sun glistens on you while you receive the luminous waters of hope.

Change your course to follow the newly discovered path that leads toward the light. You no longer need to tunnel out of your situation. The road to healing has been granted from the stillness of your soul where you heard the quiet call of your heart.

We should not fear moments of slowness, stillness, or inactivity. Recovery is found in such moments. Clarity is created in the time and space taken to replenish the wellspring of our being.

With you in serenity,

©Erika K Rothwell

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