Find Your Meaning

You cannot speed read the book of life.  You can live life at a very high speed, but you will not fully understand what is important in “real life”.

If you resort to using cliff notes or spark notes, you will only find a shallow rendition of contextual meaning.  There will be no time to discover and respond to the question, “What does that mean to me?”

The unhealthy pursuit of snippets, just to get by, only shortchanges us. We eventually find ourselves backed in a corner, curled in the fetal position crying out for someone to help us with our unanswered quandaries. 

Condensed versions of life hide the brilliance of truth.  Rather than rely on them, take the time to thoroughly read through the passages.  

Each word, each letter digs deeper than you first see on the surface.

The resulting thoughts or feelings can move a mountain within your being, if you read them right. Unfortunately, abbreviations cannot help illuminate the discovery.  Rather years of observation, research, and reading culminate in that empirical moment when a revelation takes place deep within your soul.  Your moment is a culmination of intensive life work, a manifestation of invested time and experience.   

True soul work happens behind the scenes while noticing the details and focusing on individual words and phrases as they strike the chord of your meaning. They sink deeper within you until you eventually grasp their significance.

Instant gratification, instant fame, and internet sensations are a hoax.

Your life is not a hoax any more than it is a snippet.

Go deeper, don’t live on fast forward.  Each frame, each day, each hour has a meaning.  Your life is a full story.  Don’t shortcut yourself, by accepting a shallow rendition.

©Erika K Rothwell

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