Discover the Glorious Pieces of YOU!

“Fill in your puzzle with pieces that fit.”

Life is a puzzle.  Only part of the picture is displayed at any given time.  The only hint is an idealistic depiction of a perfect life as developed from our unique mind’s eye.  With much patience and deliberate action, we can only hope to eventually gain a clear picture.

Obviously, we cannot exist in an idealistic state “24 7”, always doing what we want to do for the sake of doing it.  We may not always feel genuinely motivated or even feel comfortable with an activity.  But the work teaches us more about who we are and the potential of who we may become. 

At times our vision of what we think “should be” can be quite different from what we long to see.  We spend days trying to figure out the correct layout only to watch a radically different picture forming.  Our vision is only an outline. The collection of our pieces form the picture.

This authentic picture consists of a million pieces of us, constantly being examined from different angles to see how they may fit.  At times we try to force ourselves into a space that we are not meant to go and we become intensely frustrated.  

In fact, as we attempt to stubbornly force fit the wrong piece into our work in progress, we find that rather than it being molded and miraculously transformed into the perfect fit, we mangle the very piece of us that is meant to complete our authentic vision.

How much better for us to allow the discovery process, while taking the time necessary to uncover the perfect fit. Yes, we may have to experiment with trial and error as we test ourselves. But if we see an inadequate fit, how much more satisfying could it be for us if we simply and contentedly set that piece of ourself aside for later consideration and joyously move on in our search?

Discovering your motivations, recognizing how you can best pursue your goals, and most importantly keeping your dream alive despite the misfits and misfortunes along the way is all part of self-discovery.  

You are the most important part of the process.   

And only you can decide how you will complete the picture.

In Art and Heart,

Your Creativity Coach

©Erika K Rothwell

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  1. ellie894 says:

    “But the work teaches us more about who we are and the potential of who we may become.” – this is my favorite line of yours. I find work in whatever capacity we call it that to be a gift in so many ways. A beautiful encouraging write, Erika as yours always are. 💕☺️

    1. Thank you Suzanne for your thoughtful comment. My work is teaching me so much and I do appreciate that it has connected me to so many others with beautiful gifts to share like you! 💕

      1. ellie894 says:

        Thank you so kindly! I feel the very same 🌷

  2. Stafford says:

    Thanks Erika. What you wrote dovetails quite well with similar processes currently before me. It is a great word of encouragement!. 🙂

    1. Thank you again for stopping by and reading. I’m so glad you found the words to be encouraging for you. And all the best to you with those processes in front of you🌼

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