Fake Flowers – Search for Petals of Authenticity

How much better would it be to reveal my natural self in my interactions rather than staying stuck sharing a generic impression, like fake flowers, a dust-collecting replica of who I only wish to be, devoid of flaws and authenticity, a life-like fantasy?

The Beautiful Eccentric

The gift of her example claws at my heart.  Labels incessantly follow us, attempting to define our deepest natures.  We are often judged from an outward appraisal.

Goodness to Greatness – Finding Resilience

And it is here in this hopeless moment I recognize, in order to help others, you must learn how to help yourself. In order to learn how to help yourself, you must focus on helping others.

Practice Until Perfect? Or Perfectly Good?

“Practice until perfect.”, a cliche you’ve all heard.  What’s not considered enough is the paralyzing effect these seemingly motivational words have on you as…

Mother Bird’s Babies

“Mother Bird, why do you cry?”For the public eye, it was fortunate my cerebral control kept things in check, even though all my heart saw was this…