Share Your Gifts – Feed Your Joy

Share Your Gifts – Feed Your Joy

As December has arrived and gift buying is in full swing, I am reminded that gifts are not only made of material. Walking through the mall, listening to the Christmas music, and watching the young ballet dancer gracefully float across center stage, I recognize a deep longing within myself to reconnect to meaning as I push aside the hustling yet robotic tasks of the holiday season.

Gifts of the heart given from the center of our beings shine through us like twinkling Christmas lights. Yet it is possible that some of these lights can burn out leaving us with a half-lit strand of joy. When we allow the resentments of events that we cannot control to seethe beneath the surface, our power is drained eventually resulting in burn out.

Join me in changing the empty bulbs to once again receive positive, supportive, and loving energy. Let us recharge and reignite our passion, the direct passage of energy from the heart of our meaning. There is redemptive power in recognizing our individual gift to the world. So let it shine radiantly, joyfully sharing it with others.

Rather than allow the distractions of the season to zap our energy, let it infuse us with hope as we look for opportunities to encourage those around us even those who may judge us, outrun us, or are simply more talented than us. In truly appreciating other’s gifts to this world, we act as a conduit supporting the transfer of loving intentions and positive energy.

When we focus on sharing our unique and creative gifts, all else seems to fall into place. We reconnect to the power source, as our bulbs are refreshed.

We are once again ready to shine.

🎶”May your season be merry and bright.”🎶

©Erika K Rothwell

Writing to Kindness

Writing to Kindness

Writing makes me a better person.  How do I know this?  The holiday season is filled with activities that take me away from my writing.  And in the magnetic pull of seasonal revelries and necessities, kindness appears to dissipate.

What normally draws me in and captures my attention and the resulting analysis is missing as I find myself showing true colors of stress and time starvation.  Ricocheting reactions, unthoughtful responses as I often neglect the feelings of my receiver emulate the result of forsaking my writing as it waits patiently without demanding my attention.

The love I have for writing is wrapped around the fruits of its labor.  The time I take to review and untangle deeply entwined messages offers me the opportunity for revival, and a renewed aspiration to be a better human.

It is easy to critique another’s words.  It can be more difficult to allow those words to move you in the direction you need to go.  The definition of inspire is, “to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”  So I find myself inspired by the words of dear friends and family as they share their days in words.

I was once told a story about considering the receiver when you speak as misinterpretation can easily change the intentioned meaning and be taken derogatorily.  It can also be humorous when you are caught in this precarious situation.  Albeit, possible projection, the receiver may manipulate the message from a set of biased lenses.  How much of that is our responsibility?  Words that escape from our lips cannot be reeled back in.   And words that are written are a permanent record of our thoughts and cannot be erased by any amount of time.

The message today brings me back to intention.  What is my intention for sharing these particular words?  Am I trying to heal from an unintentional attack from another’s chosen words?  Am I considering how my ill-timed or careless words affect others? Or am I simply inspired by others to “breathe in” (as the second definition of inspire) and take steps toward kindness, forgiveness, and renewal? 

Maybe it will never be clear.  What is transparent, though, writing helps me be a better me.  My hope is that you also find your solace in an activity this holiday season that renews your spirit.