Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace

Imagine Grace resides at the mountaintop.  Your life consists of climbing through the unknown, toward that high peak, suffering the maladies from unplanned events along an arduous journey, dreaming and reaching for Grace.

Now, instead, imagine Grace alongside you every step of the way.  Perhaps, like me, place a flower in your hair as a tangible reminder of her presence.  You climb without any equipment or even the necessary strength as the vertical path opens up ahead of you potentially fraught with unexpected hardship and loss.  All the while, your companion, Grace, supports you.  You survive the best you know how, while she reminds you she is always there for you no matter what choices you make.

Grace in a yellow mountain flower
Photo by Erika K Rothwell – Mountain Flower

Grace exists, but first you must acknowledge her existence.  You must call her into your life, as if she were your greatest advocate and most empathetic friend.  She is your hope and a companion in your life all the way through to the end.

Grace gently caresses your dreams, your feelings, your being.  Without her, you suffer from judgment, insecurity and fear.  With her you are accepted, understood, and open to be loved.

Once opened, you are filled with her and you  become a conduit to spread her powerful and healing ways.

Join her. Accept her into your life. The support you find will infuse energy into your journey to the mountaintop.  When you reach the top, thank her for her loyal patronage.  Praise her source.

Bring her back down the mountain, inside of your heart, and share her exponentially as you strive to spread love and kindness, non-judgmental support, encouraging others to embrace her like you once did.

With Grace,

Erika K Rothwell

My Hope on Sunday

My Hope on Sunday

I dream of a world where judgment is replaced with understanding and compassion.  A world where opinions are stated with warmth and withheld when generated from self-promoting agendas.

Each individual contribution in this world is available from the life-giving spirit given equally to all of us.  The belief systems that grow within each unique heart is as personal as its owner’s reflection in the mirror.  One individual does not have the answer for another.  Grace has the only answer we all need.

When one voice emphatically reprimands another with the weapon of self-righteousness,  a pretension of a special relationship with the all-knowing and a misguided belief that truth is shared only with them, they partake in a foolish fantasy.

My fellow writers, this week, I read your commenters’ distasteful judgment with sadness.  Fending off wolves of merciless evangelism is no feat for the sensitive of nature.  And although I wish them grace as well, I swallow my own righteous indignation at their misplaced words.

Keep writing!

©Erika K Rothwell