Blooming Lesson

Blooming Orchid Photograph by Erika K Rothwell

I had to cut the branch today. The buds were falling to the ground. I knew I had ruined months of growth and daily nourishment, though I hoped for recovery.

During my morning routine of checking my prized orchid which I had coaxed into re-blooming, not an easy feat as many of you know, I unintentionally snapped a branch with seven buds. In that moment, I cried out in disbelief. However, the damage did not appear total as the branch was cracked but not completely broken. So, I let it be, checking on it daily, hoping for the best. One bud eventually flowered.

Today, surveying the remaining fallen buds, I realized the result of my attempt to coerce the stem of this blooming plant in a direction it did not want to grow in. I felt it better placed in line with the other blooming stem. And yet, it refused to bloom when compelled by external motivational forces.

Oh how much similarity with my own life, did I feel in that moment. I grow in directions that don’t follow the norm. My creative work blooms when not dictated by time or other impingement. Furthermore, when I unnaturally align my growth to follow the hardened line of secular accomplishment, I find myself somewhat broken, deprived of the pathway of nutrients. Stagnated, without blooms.

Yes, the branch needed to be trimmed. It was a path born with blooming intentions determined to re-affirm worth. Only to find, I had sought an identity that was not fruitful or faithful.

I have relearned a powerful lesson. Driving this point home with stress-induced emotional and physical symptoms, as my blooms slowly dried up on the stem, I made a difficult decision. I cut the branch at the source so that it can regrow in the direction it was meant to follow. With much faith, love, hope and unassuming guidance it will bloom again.

Be gentle with those you love. If not, you may unintentionally break them and prevent them from blooming.

Be kind to yourself, listen to the call within your soul, and nourish your individual and unique growth journey.

And most importantly, remember, what truly matters is the heart of your matter.

From my branch,

© Erika K Rothwell

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  1. Richard H Rothwell says:

    So true!! Why do we always try to change the direction we are meant to go in. Love it!

  2. Beth says:

    I love this line: unnaturally align my growth to follow the hardened line of secular accomplishment. How do we find our true self this way with just one “trending” definition of what’s good.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read, Beth. And, I appreciate your insightful comment very much. 💕🌼

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