Light Destroys the Darkness

The amount of light entering our world is only one factor in what we see.  How we make use of the light to color our vision is what truly matters.

We are all taught that light destroys the darkness, as easy as a flick of the light switch.  However, at times, the light surrounding us is dimmed and muted casting a romantic shadow over our world, as discovered in this writer’s world.

My amateur photographs display the difference in morning light versus evening light.  Both showcase the brilliance of nature. The choice is light.  The difference is color.

My wish is that you make use of light to showcase the colors you choose to display. For it is in your authenticity, a unique spectrum is created.

©Erika K Rothwell

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  1. sarahcreech04 says:

    So true! As a runner, I’ve seen the day in the light of break of dawn to the sunset at night. I’ve found a love for all times of the day and enjoy each phase of light differently. Makes me wonder how each new day’s light will make me feel that morning.

    1. It’s amazing, isn’t it how light can change the view? And yes how each new day’s light can make us feel. Thank you for reading and your genuine comment. I appreciate you

    2. It is amazing how we can find joy in all lights of day and I thank you for reading and your genuine comment. Enjoy the evening light. 🌅 Erika 🧡

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