Arranging Life

Arranging Life

Why is everything in life such an arrangement?  This morning I find myself arranging my workspace more than I find myself working in my space.  Contemplating the amount of time and focus spent on arranging my life, I start to believe the greatest enjoyment is granted within this creative process. 

The word arrangement is used in our language to describe artistic creations like flower arrangements and musical arrangements.  

The positive artist in me always strives to display a dazzling arrangement in every part of my life, precisely why I spend countless hours in the activity.  One definition of arrangement reads “a combination of things to make up a design.”  That’s it, the design actually requires arrangement! 

My feelings of inadequacy clearly marked the beginning of this day, as I negatively viewed my inability to begin writing.  As the past has taught me, you can’t change your nature, but you can change your view of yourself.  This is a written reminder of how negative self-talk can be transformed into grace and positivity, simply by considering another angle.  Each day we have the choice to talk ourselves down or build ourselves up. 

Today I have discovered, arranging can help in overcoming insecurities and lead us forward.  If we focus on the best ‘things’ to make up our design, using a hopeful and graceful attitude, life can become a beautiful arrangement.

– Erika K Rothwell

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