Hope – Catching Up – Day 9

Although each day brings its own hope story, there is only so much time in the day to capture the words.

My message is a brief, simple, and powerful reminder that we can have hope when we find ourselves far behind.  As a competitor, it is imperative that we never lose hope.  

As a writer, it is a humble reminder that messages take time to develop and even more time to be written.  Sometimes hope has to catch up.

In the wake of discouragement, trying to catch our breath so we can continue to put one step in front of the other and hopefully gain the momentum to catch up is the most we can achieve in a day.

As setbacks destructively undermine our best-laid plans, we push forward hopefully anticipating better days.  

Early in my blogging career (last year), I wrote a figurative piece I believe exemplifies the spirit of hope within demise.  As nature renews itself from harsh setbacks, I believe we can too.

It can be found here, “Metaphorical Thinking”, a refresher on hope.

– Erika K Rothwell


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