Sweeping Repetition

apartment-162212_1280There is a pattern emerging.  I’m sweeping the kitchen.  I do this often, but not at as often as it needs to be done.  Suddenly, my mind wanders to writing not only what I know, but what everyone knows.

As repetitive as chores are, the messages of life that are written and rewritten remind me of a cycle.  We are taught, we learn, we learn to teach, and by teaching we learn.

I know this because I write what you already may know, but in sharing it, I learn.  The difference between you knowing and I knowing is only in the display of words I use to express that insight.  The time I took to mentally simmer a simple thought, gives me the depth of flavor I need to fill a page with what you may have already been thinking and feeling. 

Writers do this, they capture a moment, a phrase, a philosophical debate and create an in-depth look for the audience.  This view can be personal and reflective, but also inclusive and encompassing.  Do you call it art?  Or do you call it life captured in a moment?

I believe the writer, can create both simply from what y’all already know.

-Erika K Rothwell


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