Ladybug Luck Revisit

Hi all, I have just revisited the place that inspired my original essay, and thought it’s time for a repost. Ladybug Luck Ladybugs…who could imagine at least 50 ladybugs in one place?  Aren’t they a symbol of good luck?  Wow. I must be in for some! I sit by an aged window with the seal…


Time to smell the roses, time to breathe in deeply, and time to actually hear the words my child is sharing with me.  Precious time, never enough and never too much.

American “Grandmother” Idol

“Graceful aging, it’s called.  Accepting that only surgical procedures would reverse the gravitational pull, is what she named it.  And while she was busy considering vanity, her voice was getting smaller.”

The Wind and Work

As I set out my run, my husband shouted after me, “The wind is going to blow you over today!”.  He couldn’t have been more accurate. I remember an essay I wrote about the wind years ago.  I ponder the imagery and decide its time to share it with you now. ——————————————————————————————————————— Headwind:  As you…

Sweeping Repetition

There is a pattern emerging.  I’m sweeping the kitchen.  I do this often, but not at as often as it needs to be done.  Suddenly, my mind wanders to writing not only what I know, but what everyone knows. As repetitive as chores are, the messages of life that are written and rewritten remind me…