Finding Your Way Through

Doubt lingers, in the non-relenting questions. No one is asking but we feel we need to answer to them. Are we strong enough? Are we authentic enough? Are we happy enough? Are we deep enough? Are we caring enough? The list is endless. And, we flounder in the midst of the chaos of our lives….

Writing Me

Meraki (Greek) – “Essence of Self”

Work infused with one’s soul, creativity, and love …more

Majestic Angles

An Expanded Perspective The glistening blue expanse of ocean, dotted with sails full of whim, grew larger before my eyes. In amazement, my field of vision had expanded. I had looked out of this window for years, from one repetitive angle. The cycle had become so ingrained, I had forgotten to consider the wide angle….

Believe in Beauty

“If you ignore beauty, You will soon find yourself without it… But if you invest in beauty, It will remain with you all the days of your life.” Frank Lloyd Wright I had existed for over a month in a self-formed chrysalis, trying to heal from long-standing grief buried beneath the cement of feigned acceptance. …